American MedPsych

Targeted Behavioral Health Treatment

American-MedPsych is a growing national group practice of primary care physicians, specialists, psychiatrists and clinical psychologists delivering care using the CareSpan Clinic and supported by CareSpan Integrated Network’s management services organization.

In recent years medical research has proven that the functions of the brain and functions of the body are inextricably linked at molecular and metabolic levels. American-MedPsych of behavioral and mental health specialists uses sophisticated digital care tools in collaboration with primary care counterparts to manage reinforcing conditions such as depression and diabetes, substance abuse and pain, stress and job performance, to alleviate suffering and improve outcomes.


American-MedPsych is the first to market with a proactive Targeted Behavioral Health Treatment model using a collaborative treatment approach with state-of-the-art analytics and digital technology. Taking all of these factors into consideration outcomes are exemplary and include:

Improved Quality

Higher Levels of Satisfaction & Experience

Improved Healthcare Utilization

Optimal Adherence to Treatment

Care Gap Closure

Reduced Overall Costs


We aim to provide our members with a one-stop shop of the business support and practice resources you need to achieve both financial independence and professional satisfaction.

Targeted behavioral health Care

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